VOCES | Latino Leadership In Action | VOCES is a non-partisan coalition of Latino leaders from business, public health, academic, and civic engagement sectors who advocate for sound environmental policy to combat climate change, support energy efficiency, and increase renewable energy use. We recognize the importance of balancing economic growth, environmental protection and prosperity.
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RT @TomSteyer: Great conversation with @NRDCSF about clean energy! Thanks for having me @AnnieBN and @adriannaq . https://t.co/sBWpOV95CN
RT @adriannaq: @TomSteyer @NRDCSF @AnnieBN always inspirational & energizing to hear you speak.Thank you for all you do! @nrdc @VocesVerdes…
RT @LaOndaVerde: Gracias a Dolores Huerta Foundation por su compromiso con la comunidad y el medio ambiente https://t.co/E343338j2i