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MT @votolatino #FBF in 2010 only 45.5% of registered voters actually voted. Let's make it 100% this year! http://t.co/nbO8KqCAdi #GoVote
.@LatinoDecisions "Environmental issues will affect Latino voting behavior in this election" - http://t.co/4XjmmiODZg #Midterms2014
Old news in new bottles: Economists say curbing climate change will HELP our economy - http://t.co/tAt6sZVd1o #ActOnClimate
RT @dofvoteclimate: #TomeAcciónClimática @LaOndaVerde @GreenLatino @Voces_Verdes http://t.co/lRAEzRl0W6 #SuVotoEsSuVoz #VoteClimate http://…