VOCES | Latino Leadership In Action | VOCES is an independent non-partisan coalition of Latino leaders from the business, public health, academic and community leaders who advocate for sound environmental policy – to combat climate change and support renewable energy. We recognize the importance of balancing economic growth, environmental protection and prosperity.
Voces Verdes is proud to partner with the following actively-growing list of organizations.
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@EPAlive @GinaEPA Awesome! We need that kind of response to engage the public in solution based thinking! #ActOnClimate
RT @GinaEPA: Decades ago our cities were choked by smog. We had the tech & ingenuity to fix it. We must take on climate change the same way…
RT @pewenvironment Ocean covers 71% of globe, yet only 1% is protected. Why Obama's big move matters: http://t.co/H1vA30X1jN
This app "Floods" climate-deniers' social media feeds with science - http://t.co/VOB2yGJlrz @FastCoExist